About A Family Together Home

Each client has their individual needs and finances. We work with our clients to build customized packages that they can afford. It is not right that a person who works hard their whole life not be able to get the services they need when they are a senior citizen. We provide our care because we believe that seniors should be able to age gracefully and with dignity and respect, not be a number in a bed in an institution.


A Family Together Home LLC's mission is simply to improve the lives of our clients through affordable, all-inclusive housing environments which are centered around respect, empathy, self-learning, and pride of ownership. We provide a wide variety of special needs housing options, but the main focus is on elderly citizens who earn too much income to receive assistance yet not enough to afford the help they need.

It is our utmost priority to help senior citizens and marginally independent disabled to maintain their independence in a comfortable environment by carefully assessing their needs and selectively outsourcing dedicated professionals to meet these needs. Whether a client needs companion care, respite care for a loved one, or other personal care services temporarily or permanently, A Family Together Home has got this covered.

We are committed to improving the overall health of our community by providing comprehensive residential home care and services cost-effectively and compassionately. We want to be known to reduce the mortality rate, promote health, and increase the overall well-being of people around us, particularly the aged and marginally independent disabled.